Top Business Books Of The Decade

With the decade coming to close, Wendy Day shares a list of some of the best, most instructive, business – and music business – books to come out of the past ten years.


Guest post by Wendy Day, Founder of Rap Coalition, PowerMoves, Artist-Centric, and SlavesNoMore

I read a lot. When I’m not slammed with work, I tend to read a book a week. Being a knowledge junkie, my taste is mostly non-fiction, with most tending to be business-oriented — every now and again, music-business-oriented. With the music industry changing at a more rapid pace than ever, and artists expected to take on more responsibilities around their own business, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest developments, and reading regularly is the best way to do that. By reading these books, I’ve been able to keep on top of all the latest business trends and apply them to my businesses and the artists I work with. So now, I’d like to pass along to you, in no particular order, my list of the top books that have helped me excel this decade: