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The Art of the Search

Recruiting executives for any organization is extremely difficult. No wonder search firms command fees of $50K+. It takes years to become a subject matter expert…to learn the Art and Science behind it. Don’t believe me? See how the Partners at search firm The Ransom Group describe Executive Recruiting in 3 parts: the “Art of the Search”; the “Pursuit of Perfection”; and “The Abstract Element”.

The Ransom Group Insights

And when you move this function internally the “Art” of the process becomes heightened. Maneuvering with internal partners, stakeholders and expectations. Politics. Influencers. Decision Makers. Blind Spots. The risk can be high but the rewards are even higher with the proper infrastructure and commitment in place. One challenge, the learning curve to become comfortably proficient in running an internal executive search practice can range from 6-24 months.

Lighthouse Mountain Partners takes knowledge gained from successfully designing and executing this strategy at 3 large, multi-billion, highly complex organizations and puts it to work for our clients. We have delivered top-end results for such metrics as Time-to-Fill, Capture Rate, Retention %, Diversity Metrics and certainly cost savings that meet or exceed the national average of Fortune 200 companies. So how do we make it happen?