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Retained Executive Search

Retained Executive Search

We leverage over 25 years experience in retained search to bring dynamic and effective solutions to our clients. We have sat inside of healthsystems, next to the decision makers and witnessed firsthand the impact of their hiring decisions. Following a proven model yet uniquely designed for the individual needs of an organization, we understand the balance between the Art and Science of a search and know how to deliver the results that will make a difference for you, your organization and community!

Our industry expertise…


We have completed hundreds of Executive-level (Director and above) searches in healthcare…including one of the largest public hospital systems and one of the largest non-profit integrated health systems in the country. We have a significant and unique understanding of the dynamics, challenges, politics and complexity that are often demonstrated in these environments and the impact healthsystems have on their communities, especially in the rural markets. Our functional expertise is also unique in that we have successfully completed searches in Operations, Finance, Supply Chain, Information Technology, Nursing, Compliance, Legal, Clinical Support and Marketing.

Our Process

We follow a proven process and offer guarantees that are industry standard.


We will sit down with all key stakeholders to gain complete understanding of what you are looking for and what makes your organization and community special. We will draft a timeline and strategy for the search. We will then create effective collateral material for which we will share with the market and create a unique recruitment strategy that perfectly aligns with your stated goal.


Once foundational research is complete we will go to market, reaching out to candidates and networking contacts…leaving no stone unturned. As candidates express interest we will screen them through various channels and stages ensuring the final slate mirrors what you originally stated but also maintain flexibility in event necessary.


We will assist with scheduling and developing any interviewing tools for which you seek. Of course we will continue to recruit even during this phase to ensure a successful and comprehensive search and are equally happy to facilitate what can sometimes be a complex decision making process.

Closing & On-Boarding

Once the finalist is announced we will work side-by-side with you to negotiate a compensation package for which both sides are satisfied. 

We will stand next to the candidate and his/her family during the transition from their current organization to yours. Ensuring the process is smooth and sensitive to their needs.

Once on-board we will keep in close contact with all involved to shephard in a new phase of their life and contribute to their ability to make a meaningful impact for you from day one.