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Internal Executive Talent Acquisition

To you, HR & TA leaders…

   With the average tenure under 4 years, many great CHRO’s and Talent Acquistion leaders are consistently looking to bring added value to their organization and often worried about their own career. When our proven model for Executive-level (Director+) Talent Acquisition is implemented it helps HR and TA leaders feel more confident, trusted and experience even greater career success. And no company is too small to benefit.

The Value Proposition:

Stronger relationships with senior leaders
Improved Quality of Hire
Best-in-class Time-to-Fill
World class Candidate and Client experience
Higher Retention percentage
Enhanced value proposition for Talent Acquisition and all Human Resources
Significant cost savings
Improved diversity metrics in the recruitment cycle
Own, manage and cultivate YOUR talent pipeline for future needs

How we can help You!


30-Day Program

Over a 30 day period we will spend time with relevant stakeholders to assess the process for which your executive talent is sourced, recruited and hired. We will measure against a model which has produced results that have met or exceeded national benchmarks of Fortune 200 companies while reviewing the following areas of your practice:

     ➤ The Executive Recruiting team
     ➤ The Search Process
     ➤ Internal & External Brand
     ➤ Talent Pipeline
     ➤ Client & Candidate Experience
     ➤ Tools
     ➤ Internal & External Partners
     ➤ Data
     ➤ Technology
     ➤ Environment for continuous learning, review and adjustments


90-Day Program

We will provide the same schedule & content review as during the 30-day Program. In addition, over the remaining 60-days we will provide in-depth coaching and mentoring for the team regarding all open requisitions and assist as many as possible in bringing to closure. This will enable all of us to be exposed to the various stages, challenges and turns that present themselves during these highly critical searches and often serve as primary points of meaningful learning.


1-Year Program

Usually reserved for situations where we are building the function from scratch. Everything you see in the 30 & 90 Day Programs, we will invest in partnership with you an in-depth, comprehensive process that includes a broad mixture of on-site visits, video sessions and conference calls over a 12 months period that allows you to lay the foundation, develop the culture, embrace the guiding principles and in general hardwire a sustainable, high-performing Executive Talent Acquisition function.

Are You Ready…

1. Give us a call and together we will review your current challenges, objectives and environment.

2. We will review our 3 primary engagement programs but also be receptive to a customized program.

3. Once aligned we will schedule our first meeting with you and/or other key stakeholders and get started immediately.

4. In the meantime feel free to visit our site for topical articles to see how they reasonate with you.

The result will be less anxiety and frustration over your own career and instead higher levels of confidence and career stability!