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About Us

About us

Our guiding principles are structured around the appreciation for human capital and insistence on helping you solve your business and career needs – with the highest level of integrity! 

We provide two primary services to our clients:

1. We are a national retained executive search firm in healthcare.

2. We help organizations across all industry sectors create a world-class internal Executive Talent Acquisition function. Whether an existing team or building from scratch.  We partner, coach, collaborate and mentor to create maximum value.

All of us likely agrees that talent is the true differentiator between organizations. Without the right talent you don’t have the right marketing plan, technology platform, strategic plan or financial strategy. Revenue targets will suffer and clinical outcomes could be severely impacted. And this is just half of your operation.

Positive impact.

But across the continuum of the talent management journey (finding, attracting, hiring, developing and retaining talent) there remain significant potential pitfalls. Since 1992 we have invested in this journey for talent and while we don’t have all the answers we can promise we are in pursuit everyday with the ultimate objective of making a positive impact in the lives of individuals and the organizations with whom they choose to align.

Our primary specialty is talent acquisition but we don’t have a linear view of how this should be accomplished. Yes, we have significant experience conducting traditional retained searches. Combining the Science of the search with the Art. Successfully competing with the larger more well-known firms across North America as well as the boutique firms with a process that is consistent within the industry.

Unique view.

But we also have an insider’s view. A unique view that comes from conducting 100’s of executive level searches from the inside as an internal function within human resources. This experience allows us to have an extreme appreciation for the challenges and pressures that leaders experience on a day-to-day basis. It is not just about finding the right talent but the effective partnership across the entire HR spectrum, key stakeholders as well as other business units that are likely impacted by your need for talent and their influence on the decision-making process.

In the end, Lighthouse Mountain Partners can help you find, recruit, hire and retain exceptional talent. The difference is our View and Direction and the choice is yours.